Thursday, 13 February 2014

I want to learn to speak Spanish. What should I do?

Isn’t it a question which comes in the mind of every person when he/she wants to learn Spanish? I think it is. And this is because when you are not in a country where Spanish is main language you don’t able to find a good place to learn the same.
So I am here to help you by answering to the question! Yes, I can help you. Here I am sharing few tips which you must do in order to learn Spanish:-

1. Join language class: To learn Spanish like any other language, reach out to any Private tutor or Spanish language class so that you can get more exposure. I would advise to join language class because languages can be learnt effectively in groups rather than learning alone.

2. Start watching Spanish movies: As You have to learn Spanish then you have to start from yourself only. Like everyone, you must watch tv. Don’t you? I guess yes. Then start watching Spanish movies and try guess what they would be saying while watching their expressions. Additionally, whatever the words you understand just write down and later find the meaning of the same on Internet. Even you can buy a Spanish-English or Spanish-your mother language dictionary to broaden your vocabulary first.
These habits will surely help you build up strong Spanish vocabulary.

3. Listen Spanish Songs (audio only):- Second thing I would suggest you to listen Spanish songs(not video)! Only audio! Do similar things listen words carefully and try noting them down on your notebook and later learn their meaning either with the help of Internet or your dictionary.

4. Make some Spanish friends: If you are in a place where no one knows Spanish then make use of Internet and make some Spanish friends online either on Facebook or on other social site. Try to learn few things from them on daily basis and you will notice a gradual improvement in yourself.

5. Speak Loud in closed room: This can help you to a greater extent. Whatever you learn in in your language class or in movies or anywhere else, Just practice them by speaking those stuffs loud while standing in front of mirror in your closed room

6. Never Shy: This is the problem which happens with almost every language student. When you are not confident in speaking the language you usually shy to speak in front of others having fear in mind that someone would cut jokes on you but I would say NEVER EVER SHY to speak the language you are learning. Speak up in your friend circle or anywhere else, If someone cut jokes then do ask them to correct you when you speak anything wrong!

7. Improve Listening Power: Learn to speakSpanish becomes easy when your listening power is very good so always listen to news, songs etc in Spanish for longer durations to improve your listening power.

These are few ideas I wanted to share with you in order to learn Spanish you should put a lot of effort implementing these ideas. I am sure you can learn very quickly if you apply these in your real life on daily basis.

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