Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Why should you Learn Spanish and how?

I have written a post on Importance of learning foreign language. Now I am here to share a post which give details as why should you learn Spanish and how can you do it.

English recognized as International language which almost being spoken in every country. English and Spanish is pretty much similar as their alphabets are closely similar. It means if you know English already then you Spanish is not a big thing for you, you can learn easily. Spanish is also a very nice language which can bring very nice job offers of translators and all. That’s why if with a little work you can learn Spanish then why don’t you learn. This is the first reason I think you can learn Spanish.
Second reason is nothing but I would like to say that learning any foreign language has its own benefit. And if you want to learn then why not Spanish which is very easy for them who knows English i.e. almost everyone.
If you find reasons for learning then you can find endless reasons and especially when it comes to learning foreign languages in the age of globalization.

How to learn Spanish?
  1. Make few good friends who speak Spanish.
  2. Watch Spanish movies with English subtitles.
  3.  Listen Spanish Song. 
Additionally you can find the best language teacher for you to teach Spanish in better and efficient way.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tips to learn Spanish

Like any other language you need atmosphere for learning Spanish. Yes you cannot learn until you form a surrounding for it. Forming surrounding means to gather friends who are also learning Spanish, People who appreciates Spanish etc.

To learn a language like Spanish you don’t need to be a book worm, all you need is to speak Spanish among your friends and ask them to correct you if you speak wrong anywhere.

Here I am going to share few tips which might help you learn Spanish Quickly

Join a Language Class:- The first thing you should do is to join any good language class such as where you can learn and practice speaking Spanish with fellow learners and teachers

Get some Spanish CDS:- Yes gets some CDs movies, songs or anything which is in Spanish and keep on watching and listening to that, It surely improves your language.

Join Online language class:- To learn Spanish when you are not able to go to attend class physically, join any online language class and practice at home only.
I hope these 3 points are well enough to learn the languages. Follow these only and learn with any hassle

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Importance of learning Foreign Languages!

Now we have already entered into the age of globalization where if you have multiple skills and talents you will be welcome everywhere without any doubt.

Especially the skill of reading and writing different languages makes you better as you can survive in multiple regions of the world. For example if you know only one language say Hindi then you can work within India only but if you know few extra languages like Spanish, German, Italian, French etc then you would be able to work in those countries as well.

Even if you want to live in your country only you always have an advantage of knowing multiple foreign language which helps you get job in Embassies or as Interpreters.

Now days specially Learning English, Spanish and French can shape your career in no time. There are many online courses available online and offline, you can go and check them out.

Final word I want to say that even if you are not planning to go abroad, you should learn at least 2,3 foreign languages for your own betterment. Personally I know 3 languages English, French and Spanish, And I know the benefits!.