Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Importance of learning Foreign Languages!

Now we have already entered into the age of globalization where if you have multiple skills and talents you will be welcome everywhere without any doubt.

Especially the skill of reading and writing different languages makes you better as you can survive in multiple regions of the world. For example if you know only one language say Hindi then you can work within India only but if you know few extra languages like Spanish, German, Italian, French etc then you would be able to work in those countries as well.

Even if you want to live in your country only you always have an advantage of knowing multiple foreign language which helps you get job in Embassies or as Interpreters.

Now days specially Learning English, Spanish and French can shape your career in no time. There are many online courses available online and offline, you can go and check them out.

Final word I want to say that even if you are not planning to go abroad, you should learn at least 2,3 foreign languages for your own betterment. Personally I know 3 languages English, French and Spanish, And I know the benefits!.

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